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Friday, June 08, 2007

Watching pornography and sleeping in will make you live longer

Fan Tan Alley, Chinatown
I walked through Chinatown this morning on my way to work – but for all I knew the apocalypse could have happened this morning without me knowing. Not a soul was present, not even behind the boarded shutters and gates. That was a surprise, particularly considering the time: 8:45 in the morning.

I usually take a stroll through Chinatown in the afternoon when I am in the area. It really is a sensory buffet, if one so chooses to watch and listen. Colorful arrangements of foreign fruit and vegetables in their waxen boxes, ready for testing by curious cooks. Banter of old men, discussing the latest sports event, their conversations moving in and out of English and Mandarin. Sweet smells of dumplings and Noodle Boxes, wafting out of the back alley kitchens. Without fail I always stopped for a batch of freshly baked fortune cookies. But not today.

Instead I was greeted by barren stalls, the wind gently pushing dried scraps of yesterdays produce down Fan Tan alleyway. Traffic was sparse too. No delivery trucks double parking and unloading more fresh wares, their engines still rumbling in case the Parking Attendant headed their way.

As I stood in the middle street and looked around I had an epiphany. Now I know why so many Chinese shop owners lived so long. It was just before 9 am and they were still at home, probably in bed. I was done my first meeting of the day and on my way to the second.

Is there a causal relationship of work philosophy of a culture and ones longevity?

Now, for those regular readers you know my 90 year old chinese neighbor seems to like to watch porn, occasionally forgetting to close his blinds. The gross factor notwithstanding, I pose another thought.
Is their a causal relationship of pornography viewing and ones longevity?

Putting the relationships together we get:
If you stay in bed at night and watch pornography, and you sleep in instead of going to work in the morning, will you live even longer?

Although I’m sure it would be a fascinating subject of the Work Life Balance many of us hear so much about, my wife would not be as impressed if I immersed myself in this research topic.

So for now if anyone wants to embark on research, let us know how it turns out.