The Logical Philosopher

Monday, November 28, 2005

The soundtrack of life

Last week I was on the sitting having a coffee downtown on the sidewalk café while listening to some Axwell on my ipod. I was, as Axwell would turn the tables to, “feeling the groove baby”. Watching conversations and actions to a soundtrack gives a total movie experience to the moment. It entertains the mind – like in the movies where you see the actors talking in the next room but the auditory score swelling in the background leading to the scene where Luke discovers his father is actually a sith lord. Sometimes it can be a sweet moment in time.

I watched Kill Bill Vol. 1 this week – it was, to say mildly, a visual and amazing cinematic assault on one’s senses. True to Quentin Tarantino's style it was over the top in blood scenes (almost monty-python-esque when the Black Knight gets his arms chopped off - "tis but a scratch!" x 100). I was fairly disappointed with Pulp Fiction but in his 4th movie the directing and filming was considerably more artistic and fluid than I was expecting. An almost sublime juxtaposition of amine, sub-titles and action.

Translation: It was sweet.

Between my ipod and people watching of late I figured I could make the same Tarantino style of movie (sans blood) by just taking my camera downtown and having a starbucks on the sidewalk. The anxious drivers, talking to themselves; the business men, animatedly engaged with their cell phones; the wandering tourists that get in everyone’s way while not really noticing; the crackhead on the corner doing his dance (to no music) - oh the experience. I could just see Uma Therman doing her thing to the music.

[insert Chariots of fire soundtrack here]

So I sat and pondered my epiphany that maybe, just maybe we all are destined to be directors of our own personal films when we are just people watching. For the price of a song on your ipod and a starbucks on the streetcorner you to can become the director of the show….the soundtrack of life.