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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A 6 word memoir for 2008

This week, Opinionistas reminded me of the 6 word memoirs that Boing Boing made so cliche in 2008.

It actually took days to think. Think of my six succinct words.

Here were my top 2008 reminisces:

  • Experienced complex cultures with new perspectives.

  • French wine, Irish beer and Hornby Island.

  • Juxtaposition of knowledge created serindipitous opportunities.

  • I finally came down to this:

  • Traveled lots. Made progress. Got behind.

  • It was true on many levels....

    Monday, January 26, 2009

    An Obamanation

    I made a Obamicon of myself at

    You should spend a few minutes on their Top Rated section. Some very funny ones have been uploaded...

    For those wondering the backstory on the creater of the original Obama poster, Shepard Fairey, watch this short interview from the LA Times.

    Sunday, January 25, 2009

    Buffed & Caulked

    I spent a large part of today buffing and caulking. Yes, back to the renovation. After a 2 month break the time has come to get my workbelt back on.

    Finally, after 4 months of using it, I sanded down the butcher block top we had installed in our kitchen. At 5’ x 7’ it took awhile, especially considering I started with 100 grit paper (which actually smoothed it beyond what the kitchen company delivered it as), and finally ending up at 220 grit. I was sanding with one hand, and running the vacuum with the other, so the mess was reduced to only a fine layer of dust everywhere.I buffed in some beeswax and oil mixture, which set up nicely. A second, and maybe third, coat tomorrow and I can call the main kitchen island as done. Unless you count the missing fake drawer front, missing recycling sorter, incorrectly installed pull out spice rack and…, well, a few more things. At least I managed to sand out the pen marks the kitchen installer put in, right after he installed the top. Arrg!

    Then I caulked… since installing the trim 3 months ago, my plan of procrastinating until the joints had settled seemed to work. I filled about 30 corners – which seemed much worse than when I originally put the 30 corners together.

    Tomorrow night I sand 30 corner joints, and prime the bare parts of the moulding.

    I checked my calendar tonight and it has been 295 days since the renovation officially began (i.e., ground actually broken by the excavator), but over a year since we first gave our sketches to the architect and the contractor. It really is the last 10% takes 90% of the work, especially if your budget finished up before the contractor did, and he left it all for you to do!

    We started with this:

    We moved to this:

    And then to this:

    And, while not yet finally, but it felt like finally, to this:

    Still to do in the coming months:

  • Paint the trim.
  • Build a closet. We now have a closet in the house, but with no door or shelves I have the task of making something to fit some old antique windows we have. Ikea just doesn’t feel right for this...
  • Rebuild the deck. I put a temporary one up to get our permit signed off. I am happy with a plywood deck, but LP-ette isn’t.
  • Move the old kitchen entrance way over 3”. Who would have thought a 2” mis-measurement by the kitchen designer would cost me 50+ hours in rewiring switches from one side of a door to another, all while needing to move the door over!
  • Re-drywall, tape, mud, sand, mud, sand, mud, sand, texture, prime and paint the 2’x6’ chunk of drywall the electrician had to cut off to get our new panel rewired.
  • Move the shed I built a few years back to the other side of the house. Not sure how I am going to do that…
  • Install the ceiling fans. I have 2 to install. On the 15 foot ceiling. With a 6’ step ladder. Not sure how I am going to get that one done either…
  • Landscape. Landscape. And Landscape more.

    And next week my water tank gets delivered to Hornby, which is 3 months behind the schedule I thought I would be on.


  • Thursday, January 22, 2009


    Ok, ok. Stop nagging. I will post soon.

    I do have a day job again... sheesh.