The Logical Philosopher

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

No, really, she's not here right now

A telemarketer called my brother last week, asking for his wife, who passed away last September - or "Passed by" as Little LP says. Here's how the conversation went:

"hi, this is Britney and I am ......."

"no, sorry, already get it delivered at work for free."

"oh, and does your wife get it as well?"

" well, I am not married."

"oh, the listing says K?"

"well, that is because she died 2 months ago and your listing hasn't been updated."

"oh, oh, oh my god, I am so sorry....."

"well, it isn't your fault (laughing) but you must admit it is kinda funny about how you must be feeling. Have a good night calling countless others"

Now, you must admit that was pretty funny. Can't imagine what Britney is thinking right now about her last call.

Personally I can't stop laughing. Bet she doesn't call again.