The Logical Philosopher

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Where do you want to go today?

Like Calvin & Hobbs venturing into the unknown, I make time to explore the wild wild west of the internet. Here's what I tend to look into...there are quite a few blogs I read & follow. Some funny, others more fascinating, and a few pretty real-world. But in aggregate they keep me thinking of real-world events and our small little place in society.

Waiter rant is written quite well, and the stories usually have me coming back. I've been reading it for several months now and it still reminds me to tip well when I have good service.

Opinionista is somewhat humours but delves into the world of an overworked associate at an anonymous NY law firm. The stories have gotten away from her initial blogging roots lately but should get more exciting now that she thinks' she's been outed from her anonymonity. On that note Opinionista (the lawyer), Rob the Bouncer and Mimi the Stripper hide in their anonymonity hoping not to be outed and get fired (or arrested in the case of Mimi).

Damaris's Blog is quite the technical marvel on the spaceships and their inner-workings. She's got pretty cool close-up pictures of the shuttle, and the coverage of the recent space mission was very interesting.

Banksy is also another irregular search of mine. Although not pulled from the linked website, his pictures do pop up elsewhere. One of my favorites is the "another crap advert" is simple, but I love it. It's a british visual spin on Adbusters. Next time I'm in London I get extra bonus points if I can get a picture of me beside one of his outdoor postings.

Wikipedia is a great source for information on most anything you would find in an encyclopedia, but it's the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Not just for the l33t anymore it demonstrates the fluid information gathering online. Being dynamic you can watch the pages being edited as world current events unfold. The encylopeida form of citizen journalism.

I am bored - A good source of links to melt away a few hours. This has provided me with classic links, such as when Baker Smurf got Smurfed, the real-life truffle shuffle, and my personal favorite, the Chris Farley Motivational Speaker (in English and Spanish)

While the daily print version of the National Post and digital provide an ok outlook on the world situations, I also make an effort to check out independent news stories such as Crisis Pictures which provides a less filtered look at the news (warning - some graphic pictures in spots). The Newsmap is also pretty cool as it turns the news titles into graphical figures representative of their reporting volume - you can also filter out the US news which nice as they tend to bias the reporting volume.

As Calvin always said to Hobbs "It's a magical world out there".

So, where does this make you want to go today?