The Logical Philosopher

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Starbucks goes liberal

I stood waiting to share my vice - blended Happy Planet, extra ice. Mmmm. If I'm going to pay $4 for a drink at Starbucks, I may as well make it as close to a coke slurpee as possible.

She was in front of me long before I noticed her. Dressed oddly, but not enough to draw attention from those too self absorbed to notice. With that preamble of course you could say I noticed. After all, I'm not so self absorbed to think "It's all about me"... But upon reflection I realize I may not have noticed her attire had she not also been talking to herself.

Her turn came to order and she loudly announced "I would like a vanilla caramel latte, but be liberal with the caramel", her voice stressing the word "liberal". There was a slight pause as her lips opened as if to say something so the Barista patiently waited for her next line. "But not liberal the government sense of the word!" she finished with, up a notch on the volume scale.

Wow, not only a woman who knows what she wants, but also can mix political science into a trip to Starbucks. I sat and sipped my drink in awe.

Upon getting her latte she headed directly to the coffee condiment counter and procedded to add a liberal amount of honey to her drink, and - if you can picture it - not in the government sense of the word.

Awe was quickly replaced with ponderment as what the mixture of vanilla, caramel and honey actually taste like. More to the point I wondered what political party it would be most closely associated with. I immediatly switched to how I could commercialize this.

The new election drink is born: "The Conservatively Liberal Latte" 2 parts caramel, 2 parts honey, 1 part vanilla latte.

All I'm going to say is that if this takes off I better get credit... For those of you who think it won't, go look at the picture again.