The Logical Philosopher

Monday, March 05, 2007

Free drinks!

The public transit blogging material is so much richer in the larger metropolitan cities. Now I know why all struggling professional writers live in large cities and take public transit – a wealth of inspiration! Either that or the trips make one feel better about their own self-esteem.

Overheard on the subway in Vancouver: “I have friends that are strippers, and you know when you have friends that are strippers, everyone wants to be your friend. And they work really hard too, you know. They ask me to come and see their shows and I’m ok with that because I get free drinks.”
I don’t know any strippers, or friends of strippers, but that conversation makes me want to befriend one so I can test out the “stripper’s friends get free drinks” theory.

Sorry the posts have slowed down - I’ve been working on another Logical Philosopher project, which I’ll post about soon, hopefully by the end of the week. Check back because it’s going to be very exciting – and a chance to win a cool Logical Philosopher prize. All the bibliophiles will be particularly excited. I know I am…