The Logical Philosopher

Monday, February 26, 2007

Heading Home

Sorry for not posting this week but I was out of town unexpectedly for a funeral.

Temporally stepping out of the rainy west-coast and experiencing the sunny big sky of Alberta was a nice change of pace. However, after 10 minutes of standing in the snow to take in the views of the Rocky Mountains, I was ready for some warm west-coast rain. You could tell the locals because they only needed to wear one overcoat, whereas I was only wearing one because it was all I had brought - I would have worn three if they were around.

During my trip I needed a break from writing, so took some time to work on the layout for my latest piece of artwork. I've spent the last few days getting it drawn in the computer and finalizing the colors.

"Heading Home"

I'm still not sure it is the finished product - I was envisioning more detail in the water and mountains, but I like the simple layout of lines that came out in my draft. Very Ted Harrison-esque. The blogger picture doesn't do justice to some of the detail that the original will have when printed, which should be 12x18. I will most likely run it as a limited edition Giclee´ of 50 prints on watercolor paper; Let me know in advance if you would like one set aside.

Comments are welcome before I finish it up!

Regular posting will return shortly.