The Logical Philosopher

Friday, May 04, 2007

Those are Killer Flats

Sorry I haven't posted this week - I've had a rough week and my blogging mind has been elsewhere. I did, however, have it turned on when I was in the elevator yesterday at a downtown office building.

A business woman to one of her coworkers: "AhhhH! I'm going back to 4" heels! I try to put on sensible, flat shoes and my back has been killing me all day. Tomorrow the stiletto's are coming back out. I don't care if the Secretary complains that I'm dressing to slutty."

As the elevator doors opened and they got off, heading down the hall, the other male from the elevator turned to me and nodded up and down and went "Oh yeah...back to the stiletto's... Office morale, going up!"

The next day I think I could hear the ping of the ascending morale from the outside of the building.