The Logical Philosopher

Monday, May 14, 2007

Facebook has it's bonuses...

"Hey, that's J's new little baby" I said to my wife. We were at the airport having a Starbucks and J's husband, who I have never met, was walking by with the newborn. Only 10 days old and already at the airport for an outing.

"How do you know that??" she exclaimed. "We haven't seen J for 15 years - at our grade 12 graduation to be exact. And I am sure you have never met her husband so how would you even know what HE looks like."

"Actually I recognize the newborn, not him."


"I'm on facebook and she's my friend now." I tried to explain.

She turned to me, looking quite perplexed. "So you don't see her for 15 years, then all of a sudden know her life details, like that she had a baby only 10 days ago."

"I also know the name if you'd like to know." I added, trying to be helpful in my maven like distribution of knowledge.

"Some days I can't even get you to remember to take out the recycling, yet you seem to recall things like this. Amazing... simply amazing."

"When we get home I can show you more pictures of him."


I have a feeling this won't be the last time Facebook will provide me with completely useless information that I can pull out at a party when I recognize someone from their profile...