The Logical Philosopher

Thursday, December 20, 2007


"Why do I always do this?"


"You know, start the project the night before?" She plopped herself down at the kitchen table, bring with her a stack of cookbooks so tall it could have passed for the beginnings of a bunker under construction.

Although she had been talking about it for over two weeks, the night before 30+ kid-friendly Christmas treats needed baked for pre-school class tomorrow, LP-ette was still undecided what to make.

"I mean, it's 10pm and I have all these treats to bake. Safeway is still open, will you go and pick something up for me?"

I looked across the table, mustered all my strength and gave my best evil eye. It was hard to do over the stack of books, but I still felt I gave it my best shot. "No. And you know why? Because lack of planning on your part shouldn't be an emergency on my part - especially when you talked about planning for at least 2 weeks solid."

"You didn't answer my original question. Why do I always do this!"

"I know why. Like a Delta Force sniper, you are a highly trained to procrastinate. In fact, you are so skilled at it, you can do it without thinking. It comes as natural as breathing. Now that's a skill to be proud of."

She looked over at me and with almost no effort gave me back an evil eye that made mine melt.

"You want me to get my keys, right?"


"Will 2 dozen cookies be enough?" I asked, getting up and reaching for my coat and car keys.


"And should I pickup a Starbucks Latte as well?"


Later, as I departed from Starbucks and felt the Jedi force wash off me, it was only then that I realized she had another, more powerful, skill to recon with. Not only was I her unwitting procrastination backup, but I also doubled as her Starbucks delivery boy. And it all started with her needing to bake cookies. All I could think was Wow. She's good.