The Logical Philosopher

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hornby Island here we come!

After 10+ years of saving,
3+ years of searching,
2+ years of setbacks...

It is finally official, we found exactly what we were looking for, and the deal is ready to be closed!

Hornby Island and the Logical Philosopher

  • Minimum ½ acre island property
  • ferry boat accessible
  • walking distance (with 2 kids) to a public, sandy beach
  • Sandstone bluffs to walk on a plus
  • It was serendipitous, as we actually were up looking at different properties when this one, which had been taken off the market, was suggested by the realtor as a private sale. Within the day of us getting back from our 1 day adventure turned into a 3 day tour, the offer was in and we were on our way to testing the structural integrity of the outhouse, and making sure the well was not full of iron supplements for the kids.

    While the only structure on the lot is an outhouse, we have our work cut out for us, but I'm hoping I have a lifetime to get the list done that Logical Philosoph-ette has started to draw up for me.

    This is the view from the Galleon Beach across the road:

    And from Grassy Point, a 5 minute walk:

    And there is even a bike shop! Maybe this summer I will pull my Kona back out and turn back from being a roadie to the dark side of mountain biking.

    Many thanks to Donna at Coast Realty for helping make it happen.

    This summer is so going to rock.