The Logical Philosopher

Friday, March 07, 2008

Back from France...

But I am already packing to go again!

After a 2 day layover in Nashville for meetings, and a 1 day in Dallas due to weather, I finally arrived in France. During my travels I had some great stories written up in my mind, such as:

  • Eating at the Pork Only restaurant with the vegetarian in the group
  • Accidentally ordering Pigs Ears and Feet off the menu. Now we all know what 'tĂȘte' and 'pieds' means in French.
  • The Vodka Bar... which only served vodka. And lots of vodka. I now know how to translate "spicy vodka" on the menu. I'll leave it at that.
  • French bathrooms. In a 2000 year old city it was amazing how the upgrades were only about 100 years the times.
  • The 68 gate sprint through Frankfurt Airport. Yes all 68 gates. And they still closed the flight out on us.

    Upon my return from my travels my work kicked into high gear and I was wrapping up a project that I needed to get out the door this week. There have been lots of stories, just no time to write! It's funny how when I took a 5 week break from blogging how many people called or emailed me to ask where I went. It was like their free source of fine literature had dried up. I didn't know I was in such demand. Either that or I know which people really have lots of time on their hands to read things online.

    Tonight I'm packing for another 2 week trip, flying out tomorrow. Here's hoping this time I get some time to write. At the very least I will try to recount the Spicy Vodka story. The ending has a great kick to it.