The Logical Philosopher

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Vacation time in YYJ

This past February I took a week to have a vacation in my own town: Victoria

Although it was mixed around the rest of my life schedule, I had my camera with me so had time to take a few random pictures while I roamed. Here's a shot from the top of a downtown building overlooking the Johnson Street Bridge.


The iconic blue bridge is soon to be replaced with something that will not be so blue, yet regardless of when it goes it will always live on as I hoist a pint of Spinnakers Blue Bridge Double Pale Ale.


I took a random walk through Chinatown, British Columbia's oldest Chinatown and second only to San Fransisco in North America.


There are a few old alley ways with secondary entrances to shops which provide a circuitous route for the shopper, with many of them catering to cheap reproduction antiques.


And of course no vacation in your own town is complete without an obligatory picture of our dog playing in the snow:


...and a frozen pond as I drove to work one day:


I also had a chance to go downtown in the evening, and took a few shots of the Parliament Buildings at night:


That is all, kayak building and world traveling will resume shortly....