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Monday, June 20, 2011

Kayak Build, Part 7

Finally, sanding is all done!!!

Here's the kayak, as it rests in our living room under the guise of "I didn't want to ding it again carrying it down into the basement for a quick epoxy of the seat-mounts". I had to promise to get it out of the house as soon as the epoxy set, and back to the boat-building garage at Skipper Dave's.

Kayak Build - IMG-20110614-00015

Last week I took Little J down to the marine store to pick the paint colors for the kayak. He had been wavering between orange and blue, but since they didn't have orange in the Pettit Easypoxy Paint I was going to get and I wouldn't let him get blue (so he wouldn't blend into the ocean on us), a large discussion over the benefits and drawbacks of yellow vs. red happened in the paint aisle. Finally he decided on Bright Red, but would not divulge his reasoning.

This weekend we managed to sneak out of the house with J and get two coats of bottom-paint on the hull. I am hoping this will make it a bit more tough against the bumps on the barnacle covered rocks that will evidently happen. He was insistent that I take some pictures of him paining it.

Kayak Build - IMG-20110617-00026

Kayak Build - IMG-20110617-00028

Finally, after a sand and another coat the hull was all ready:
Kayak Build - IMG-20110617-00029

The bow is being varnished, while the rest of the boat is going to be painted red:

Kayak Build - IMG-20110617-00024

Once the paining is done I need to finish up the seat and the hatch cover, so only a few more hours of work before it is ready for a test run at the beach!