The Logical Philosopher

Friday, April 07, 2006

Random thoughts for today

Random thought #1:
When the guy on the bus next to you pulls out a guitar and starts to play, it is a good idea to move...because when the bus comes to an abrupt stop somewhere, a guitar to the rib really really hurts.

Random thought #2:
If I am crossing the street because the cars have stopped due to traffic congestion, what is the purpose of gunning it and trying to hit me when you just have to stop 20 feet down the road anyhow? Maybe he was related to the guy on the bus with the guitar who didn't like it when I shoved his guitar back at him. Apparently a guitar to the chin hurts "like crazy hell buddy!"

Random thought #3:
When you're on the top of a double decker bus and look down at the passengers waiting at the stop, cleavage can look much bigger than it really is. But for every one of those, there are ten really scary things you will see. That makes it bad odds, meaning I probably won't look down next time.

Random thought #4:
When you are at the library typing a post about random thoughts, if the space key is sticky and you have to slam it with your fist every time you need a space, it won't be long before the librarian comes over and tells you to leave. Come to think about it I think she was the one driving the car in random thought #2.

Gotta go, security is on their way...