The Logical Philosopher

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Little pink houses

Pink - a whole mountain of it... with me in the middle ... and without a map.

Pink - had I come this far, or just gone far away to some distant land? I stopped and pondered the signifiance of this situation. Did you ever have one of those moments where you stop and realize you are doing something at a point in your life you never thought possible? And no, I'm not talking about that realization after you've had several drinks. "Party 'till she's cute" doesn't apply in this context.

I do my fair share of work around the house (in my opinion of course). Dirty dishes. Soiled laundry. Fouled floors. Bring it on! I'm an equal opportunity spouse, as long as she does her share of construction and renovation duties.
This week I was doing a large load of laundry. I sorted into lights, darks, towels and colored. As usual it wasn't that simple as I had too much for a single load of colored. Undeterred from the task I opted split that into two sub-groups - colored and pink. There seemed, after all, a large amount of pink. But enough to warrat a separate load? Why yes! I not only had enough not just for a small pink load, but an entirely full tub of pink. I recall the start of our marriage when there was one or two pink things - mostly not in need of frequent washing because they didn't stay on long enough to get dirty. Now, between my wife of 8 years and 18 month old daughter I had enough for an entire pink load - pink socks, pink pj's, pink shirts - and I was doing it.

I'm still trying to decide if I have come far, or just gone far. A subtle difference in language but enormous distance apart. I'll send you a postcard when I figure out where I'm at.

It will be a pink postcard.