The Logical Philosopher

Monday, January 15, 2007

A haiku of why no postings

I was going to write a long post as to why I didn't get anything written up this week, but then thought if I was going to do that I may as well write a post. But then I thought, why not make the best of both worlds and write a haiku poem as to why I didn't write much this week.

Started back to work
after a long time away,
very tired now.

Heard some funny things
on the bus ride my first day,
can't wait to share them.

I did write it down,
what the Catholic bride did say,
about her big day;

The friend of the hoe,
said 'they work hard too you know',
she gets me free drinks.

Then I remembered
what the divorced girl said,
about her cold butt.

Be back later this week!