The Logical Philosopher

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

That HOG is a secret weapon (part III)

To get the back story on my poor attempt at a covert entry into an urban legal fortress, see here for part I and part II.

Finally, after several visits I was sure I could enter undetected. I felt like a veteran cat burglar with my partner in crime, Eduardo.

Having schemed in the elevator, we both checked, making sure to get off at the 21st floor. During a previous visit my undetected entry was foiled by innocently getting off at the wrong floor. This time I would not repeat that sophomore mistake.

With one bag each we tried to look casual by slinging our backpacks over our shoulder and partaking in small talk as we exited. Bypassing the Head Office Gatekeeper (HOG) unnoticed was our goal. If we could make it through her and into the back, we were set.

As we rose up in the elevator we had one final pep talk, all focused on the mantra no stairs, no hesitation. "Ok, we need to exit and make a quick left, making a beeline for Sandritia's office" I said to Eduardo.

"And whatever happens, do NOT look back. Just keep going" he added with a curt nod.

Ping went the elevator doors, and we were out like a shot. We arrived in what I am sure was a record time from the elevator lobby to Sandritia's office... Breathing easier I turned to Eduardo. "I think we're safe. Good work." Not three seconds after I spoke Santritia's phone rang.

"Wait, I need to get this" our host said, turning to pickup her phone. "Hello?"

Turning back to me she nodded her head up and down, and broke out laughing. "It's HOG and she wants to know 'are they yours?'".

All I can say is, Man, she's good. I can see they don't dispense the HOG designation freely in this office. She has earned her title that keeps us all in our place.

With this particular HOG on duty, I'm starting to think this building is
I'm scheduled to visit again next month. I'll see if I can put these latest lessons into a plan and get back to you on how it works.