The Logical Philosopher

Friday, June 22, 2007

Logical Philosopher and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day

I apologize for not posting this week but I've had a Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Week.

Some highlights:

knocked over a few glasses while cleaning the kitchen table, shattering them into pieces. Unfortunately at least one was still full of my spouses wine. It was red wine. She was not impressed.

Tuesday: Got to work and was so incoherent and spaced out, was sent home for the day. "Geeze LP, you look like you just got to work from being out on a bender." The tip-off may have been that I was wearing my sunglasses inside my office, with all the lights off - or maybe it was when I walked into a wall, missing the doorway to the conference room. For the record my 'bender' had consisted of me getting less than 9 hours sleep. Imagine that.

Wednesday: I accidentally backed over the front wheel of my bike because I forgot I put it there. The not so funny part is the time between me putting my wheel down and getting into the car to back it up was under 60 seconds. Fortunately it wasn't my sexy HED wheels, but I still bent the rim and it needs fixed before I can ride again.

Thursday: Forgot I had a dentist appointment for a filling, so had to cut out of work in the morning (after already missing a day). After finally getting to work at 10:30am, I had a frozen face until 3pm. I think I was drooling in my morning meetings, but at least nobody sent me home.

Friday: I get home from work to find I am out of Coke.

AggHHH!!! I want to move to Australia.

I can't wait until my coordination and brain are fully functioning again. At the very least it will cut down on the "walking into walls at work", which probably would have hurt had I been more coherent that morning.