The Logical Philosopher

Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm melting!

I have had writers un-block. Many stories, but no time to commit them to paper this week as I have had replace my writing time with tree-house building. Little LP is quite excited, and the Littler LP keeps asking me "You build me a house daddy?" She wants it pink. He wants it like a "green army thing." I may compromise and leave it the color of pressure treated lumber.

Fortunately it has been about 35 degrees (that's 95 for you Americans) while I was building, which made me feel OK about drinking vast amounts of Coke Slurpee's all day.

I'm heading off for a few days to a small Gulf Island where I suspect I won't be able to freeload on wi-fi, so will be offline. I will, however, have my blogging notebook so will come back with a pod of letters, hopefully in a story format.

See you on Monday!