The Logical Philosopher

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Got Religion? Part 4 of 4

"So, after all that complaining, how was your weekend away?"

"It was ok" I replied after a moment's pause. With more indifference than interest in my tone, I continued on. "It was what it was."

Not satisfied, she pressed on, hoping for me to reveal some deep dark secrets of what happens on a weekend retreat. "Did you discuss your inner trauma eggs? Get into the midnight male bonding things over pizza and beer? At least talk Plato or Thoreau?"

"Not sure. They may have, but I went on a hike and a long run, then sat by the water writing out LP posts for the rest of the time."

"Arrgg!" she cried, throwing her head back in exasperation. "You must have liked something!"

"Well, yes. I liked that I learned things. Specifically about getting old."

She leaned forward, sensing that I was about to let her in on something big. I started to think, formulating the list in my head. I had learned many things, sharing a cabin with 7 other guys that were 25 years older than me. These included:

1) They go to bed early. Really early.

2) They get up really, really early. Like 5am early. What's up with that?

3) They make their beds, complete with hospital corners. I guess I still have 25 years to get into that routine, much to my wife's disappointement.

4) Even rough and tough motorbikers have timble collections. "Well, they fit in my saddlebag when I am on a trip!" was his defense.

I thought for a moment, and summed up my experience. "I liked that I learned that I never want to get old, mostly because I'll be forced to get up earlier and make my bed with hospital corners..."