The Logical Philosopher

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I've organized my life with the LifeDrive

I got a new toy!!! and it's sexy

I confess, part of the reason I was lax in posting was, in addition to the flu, is the new techno-gagdet toy I just got... It's the new Palm LifeDrive, which is Palm's version of a Mobile Manager - basically a normal Palm but with built in wi-fi, Bluetooth and, my personal favorite, 4Gb of memory complements of a mini-drive.

After being late for an appointment last week as I forgot what time it was, I am hoping this will remove my need for the 5000 post-it notes I have spread around my house reminding me to do things. With the gargantuan memory it will also allow me to put my work files on it, which will be a more gargantuan help (I watched Kill Bill II last week and have been itching to fit that gargantuan word in ever since seeing the black mamba do his thing on Buddy...if you've seen it you'll get it.)

What can I say - I'm such an early adopter.

I'm having problems getting the Bluetooth running so if anyone has any tips let me know. Back to my toy...