The Logical Philosopher

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Sorry, didn't want to get Dooced

Sorry for the lack of posts in the past few days. I had 3 or 4 written out during my travels but haven't had time to get any typed in...the one I did spend awhile on I decided yesterday at the last minute not to post it. I have a few work related stories I was typing out for a combination of personal venting and blog readership entertainment value.

Translation: I work for a good company but it has the standard percentage of wankers, hard-asses and stupid people that shouldn't be working anywhere and still get paid for showing up and putting the rest of us through crap.

Hence a conundrum of the highest proportion:

:: Entertaining? Yes. Readers will flock from afar.
:: Will they be pissed if they find out - Probably.
:: Will I get fired? Not sure I want to find out yet.

Last week Clublife went off the air - Rob the Bouncer thought his anonymity was being cut short so his plan: "pull the blog down and deny, deny, deny..." But hey, with a book deal signed I'm not sure he should be worried about it. Of course there is the infamous Heather Armstrong of or Mark Jen, the short-lived Google employee.

However, in the spirit of getting fired for blogging I added The Phantom Professor to my bloglist. A few months ago her contract as an adjunct professor wasn't renewed where she taught when the school found out he was blogging about her students & fellow professors, even in anonymity. There is also a dental student at Marquette who was suspended for a year and made to repeat a year for blogging (even in anonymity) about fellow students in a not so nice way. I think referring to your classmates as "having the intellectual/maturity of a 3 year old" is a good example of his flowing prose that set him back $14,000 in tuition. That makes me wonder if he's worked out how much it cost him per comment??? Ohh, calling Sue the class ho was $840 a shot. I should have called her an expensive class ho while I was at it...

Suffice to say I will mostly steer clear of the work stuff that may cause issues (for now). While I don't exactly go out of my way to hide who the Logical Philosopher really is, I'm not announcing it either. Besides, a few well placed Google searches on my posts will do that anyhow. Regardless A few of the techno-geeks at my company would probably find me in some RSS aggregator or search and post it to the public bulletin board...Then I would have to explain to the Obsessive Compulsive guy why I wrote about his hand washing episodes, or to the VP of X why I wrote about his/her wet spot on the chair after the big Christmast party in 1998... That'd be a tough meeting, even at the best of times.

But then again, I may be apt to change my mind if coaxed enough...after all, it's only my career we're talking about. Of course that still leaves things open for some guest posting if you have anything...