The Logical Philosopher

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Off the short bus, onto the long bus

I tell you the honest truth - if I didn't take the bus so much now a days then I would have any good stories to write about...

Like the group of mentally challenged adults that got on last week, obviously after just having visited the local Fire Station for an outing. They were stoked, and they made sure everyone knew about it. Imagine half a bus full of Down's syndrome and other associated mental health issues discussing the "neat-o" stuff they just got to see. I can still her the "whoo whoo's" when I close my eyes....

It was almost like I was watching American Pie... "and then...." "and then...." "and then...". Fortunatly there was no talk of band camp and a flute.

I'm not sure if I was afraid or not...but mental note: in the future, stay off the short bus if I can help it.