The Logical Philosopher

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Hey Old Navy, you suck

Dear Old Navy,

So let me get this straight - I come into your store and spend in excess of $260 and I still need to purchase a clothing gift box for $1.73? WTF? Last time I checked even Zellers gave boxes away. Do you think you are Birks or something? Is there a limit I have to reach before I get a free box? And no, a HUGE shopping bag with Old Navy on the side is not the same as a box to wrap my presents up in.

And to the manager that came out to answer my query: telling me to walk over to the Gap and ask for a free one was the lamest answer I have ever heard. I don't think you even had the intelligence to realize they are the same company as you.
It's not about the $1.73 and if you had have been out of boxes I would have been ok with that... BUT some things I need to take a stand on just in principle. Paying $1.73 for a box after spending $260 is one such principle I stand against.

I am looking forward to shopping elsewhere from now on.