The Logical Philosopher

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Prequel: buns, music, glasses & phones.

No posts this weekend - I was out of town all weekend listening to Coldplay live in concert. But fear not as I did manage to outline some material in my little black blog book. I will post later this week, but in the mean time here's a sampling of my trip and some potential future posts to keep you interested:

  • Impromptu Cinnamon bun taste testing tour: You will be surprised as to where the best buns are in Vancouver. There will be a test on this later.
  • Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer: We realized why we actually thought they were cool back then. 10 years from now we'll be saying the same thing about Britney Spears. Oh wait, we're already saying that...
  • Blue tinted glasses: Life changes in 50mph gusts while on a ferry in the pitch black night. Who knew a 18,000 tonne boat could rock that much?
  • Cell phones: the new zippo lighter of this digital age.

And last but not least, overheard at dinner:

So we had this new guy in our office and I was in charge of supervising his work on the latest assignment. After a few minutes of talking at the photocopier I said to him "Don't I know you? You look really familiar. Did you go to X High School?'
"Umm, yeah,...we used to date" he replied.
"Ohhhhh. Well I'll just leave you here to make the copies."