The Logical Philosopher

Monday, June 26, 2006

Nice Lawn

I'm not really fond of my neighbors anymore. This week confirmed these thoughts even more.

Act 1:

The other day I was digging a hole in the front yard for a fence post that needs replaced. Construction supplies surrounded me - a hammer, nails, wood braces, levels and a shovel. Anyone with intelligence could see I was actually working. But what do my neighbors do? Open their door and push out their 2 year old to play - then close the door leaving her outside with just me. No supervision needed, they must have thought, because LP is out there.

So there I stand - holding up an 8 foot 4x4 post with one hand while trying to hammer in a support post that will keep it level while the concrete sets. Before I know it the neighbor's kid is grabbing my nails and trying to eat them, then using my level as a sword against the post I'm trying to put up.

After a few minutes of trying to get the kid to fetch the rocks I keep throwing into the other neighbor's yard - the one with the dog - I finally got the post up. After cleaning up, with her following me into my house, I politely went next door and knocked on their door. When somebody finally opened it (after 4 rings) I motioned to my work area and say I'm done so I'm going inside now. The mom gave me a dirty look like I interrupted her nap to bring her kid back. I glared back with the I'm not a frickin' babysitter look.

Solution to Act 1: Maybe I should put a row of fence posts up with a good 10 foot fence.

Act 2:

My neighbors lawn looks like somebody threw up weeds all over it. For color there is a mix of tiny yellow buttercups, white clover and burnt greenish crabgrass. I would be excited if I were a bee keeper, having all that pollen nearby, but that is not the case here. Since my children like playing outside I am trying to get our lawn to that lush, weed free sod you see at old, retired people's houses. This means I need to cut the lawn every 5 days or so. Through trial and error I have determined that they only cut their lawn AFTER I cut mine. I guess I shame them into trying to keep the weeds under 2" high.

Today I heard my neighbor getting ready to go to work so I decided to startup my lawn mower and do some cutting. As he pulled out of the driveway I saw him hesitate slightly and give me a dirty look because he knew he'd have to cut when he got home.

I felt much better after that.

Solution to Act 2: After putting up the 10 foot fence, I will make sure the bottom 3 feet has lattice so they can see my lawn and be shamed into mowing it.