The Logical Philosopher

Friday, June 30, 2006

True Colors - An Unexpected Part 2

I thought it was over. I'd blogged and moved on. I was wrong.
Damn internet searches... they suck me back in every time.
I recently wrote a post entitled True Colors of the Rainbow, where I hit the highlights of the Gay community's hanky code. It was discovered by a serendipitous encounter - the story related to me by someone else of course. But just when you thought it was time to put your mind back into the closet - wham! - blindsided by internet search results again! Oh the vanity of Statcounter...

You know what search engine result popped up no less than 3 times in the past week: handkerchief colors meanings on msn - One should note I come up as result #9.

That tells me three distinct things:
  1. If I blog about gay lifestyle more often, my hits will increase. I'm sitting here thinking Is this what they mean by "good" publicity or "bad" publicity? I'm sure my wife has some commentary on which side it falls to.
  2. Handkerchief symbolism is still vibrantly alive - which is at glaring odds to Grey Guy's comment on my post, which said "Take it from a gay guy, that hankie code thing is so 1991!".
  3. I've moved along from Ikea Cinnamon bun searches, as I wrote about last time. Again I ponder the phrase "Have I gone far, or am I just now far gone?"

Truth be known I was really more concerned by the fact that I was blogging about something so 1991. Whew. Crisis averted - and a colored handkerchief search. Who would have thought.