The Logical Philosopher

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

True colours of the rainbow

Out for dinner with a friend who told me a story from a night out on the town. For blogging purposes I will now infringe wildly and make this story my own, throwing caution to the wind because I know you all will enjoy it...

Brightly color coded with subtle sophistication down to the detail of the particular hue. While you may think the Gay community’s lock on color symbolism is restricted to the rainbow … you ain’t seen nothing yet!

While she was enjoying drinks with some friends, some straight and some not so straight, one of her male (straight) companions was being hit on by another man at the bar – for the entire evening. I put myself in his shoes and I wonder to myself – if I were the target of such attention – would I find it humorous or would I be overwhelming flattered that I could still pick up at the bar, albeit someone from the other team. But I digress... to somewhere I probably shouldn't go.

As soon as they all got up to leave one of the not-so-straight friends laughed out loud and revealed why straight guy was being hit on by another man. Apparently he unknowingly had a red handkerchief hanging out of his back pocket, which in hanky code means he's into anal fisting. Ouch! Now I know why they chose red for that one. After a brief flurry of fingers on her Blackberry it was confirmed to the rest of the group. I kid you not. Look it up here.

Yes – brace yourselves - there exists a complex code for every color and pattern of handkerchief. All this time while us boring straight folks have been blindly scouting for fresh meat using the simple binary sort of wedding ring or no wedding ring… we’ve been oblivious to so many possibilities! Think of all the time saved at the bars by knowing if the cute blond at the bar beckoning you over is into tattoos and piercing before spending all night on drinks and talking. Man, cut to the chase with the right hue of blue cloth on your body and pffft! You will know if the bar scene is hot or not in seconds.

I think we can take a cue from our not-so-straight friends on this one…. we just need to figure out what colors are not in use and start to infiltrate the clubs. Ellie may have some guidance on this one but until then, you may want to think twice before using your hanky for anything but blowing your nose…