The Logical Philosopher

Saturday, June 03, 2006

déjà vu

Dearest regular readers:

I had 2 postings written out this week, but yet have to find time to type them in. The nice weather has drawn me outside more, and has also given me reason to walk more places instead of take the bus. Most of you regulars will recognize the bus as a great source of my posting material. Mind you the crazy homeless guy on the path yelling at me to "duck and cover" did give me some inspiration, but I digress from today's topic...

So where does that leave me today: déjà vu.

Every so often I find myself stopping dead in my path, taking a snapshot of exactly where I am and what I am doing. It is all familiar - the sights, the smells, the emotions and, most interestingly, where I am in my life. It is almost as if time stops for a brief moment for me to uncover and compare it to some deep, repressed dream I had many years ago. I don't experience it often, but when I do that makes it more of a vivid and noteworthy occurrence for me.

Déjà vu happened to me again today, and it gave me the chills. Warm chills. Content chills. Sweet chills. It was surreal, and I was digging it.
I'm sure psychologists could give me indepth meanings to these experiences but I am sure knowing the neurological basis of déjà vu would ruin it for me. For me it gives some sort of validation that where I am in my life - my surroundings and the choices that have lead me to them - have been the right ones. In some strange way it makes me content, hence all the chills.

Now you know I déjà vu. Do vu?