The Logical Philosopher

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Time Brings Clarity

This week I ran into one of my old high school teachers. He was a great math teacher, but I always thought he was kind of strange. You know the type, not really in sync with the rest of society, yet put there to teach the next generation.

"Hello Mr. H, how are you?" I asked.

He turned to see me with a shocked look, and wasted no time in getting around any salutations that others may have started into. "Oh my goodness. Logical P! You are looking more like your brother every day!"

"Um, well..." I started, vaguely remembering that he also taught my older brother four years before me.

He continued on, "And that's not a good thing, nor a bad thing, it's just to say there is something to be said for genetics after all!"

He rambled on for a little while that he was glad both he and I were alive "because, remember old Mr. O? He's six feet under, yet here you and I stand! How marvelous!"

As we parted he genuinely wished me well, but walking away I thought to myself, On second thought, I wasn't imaging any sort of social disconnect when he taught me twelve years earlier, it was 100% real.