The Logical Philosopher

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sexy new look?

Yeah baby! Inspired by an eclectic mix of Rabsteen and Stephen M. Nipper I've done some minor template tweaks for color and spacing. I'd really like to move to Wordpress (mostly for the category listings) but can't rationalize the hosting cost (yet), so if anyone knows how I can get free wordpress hosting let me know.

As for the changes: the main one now lets you get Logical Philosopher via email! Like a fat kid on a smartie, I know *exactly* who will be all over that. Yes Ed, I was thinking of you.... So, for those RSS challenged (or get too many to read) you can now use Feedblitz to aggregate for you!

After a month of stimulating reading I have put Beth's College Dating Diary up on my top 10 blog list. Feel free to stop by and check her out (metaphorically of course) as in only a few short months she is starting to match the entertaining combination of part cynical part litterateur, like Opinionistas, but on dating life not legal afterlife.

Hope you like the changes....stay tuned for more stories this week.

Up next: I've been googled for my buns. How sexy is that?