The Logical Philosopher

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Jackpot: I've hit it big time!

"I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world"
- Walt Whitman

Holy yawp! I won! Finally, after 5 months of blogging I have finally turned my blogging trade into a pretty profit. Well, technically that would depend on how you define profit, but I'm not that picky now a days.

Last week the Phantom Professor (one of my semi-daily reads on the right side) issued a word nerd challenge - Write a 10 line play. Feeling some literary friskiness in my fingers I scurried away into my library and spent countless hours writing, drafting, editing and re-writing. It was a very Dead Poet's Society-esque type experience for me, but unfortunately really didn't elicit any manuscript I would want to pen my Logical Philosopher nom de plume title to.

With an impending deadline and my creativity slowly being crushed by a monumental chunk of writers block, I did what every engineer was taught in first year: copy what you did on the last assignment! Who knew 10 years later my engineering undergrad would give me skills to actually write something! With the quasi-orgasmic creative burst only a seasoned litterateur could muster I redrafted my previous "Proof Evolution can go in Reverse" post to make the 10 line cutoff. With that a weight was lifted like no other I had felt before.

For all my efforts I was picked in the top 3 and will receive my prize of a journaling book - perfect to use as an analog blogging journal while on the bus. A new, stealthy book will be welcome because all my friends have started to figure out which book I write my blog drafts in and seek to hide it when I come to visit.

As an aside I would encourage each of you dear readers, and with my statistics tracking I know there are a few regulars now, to have a look at my "daily read" links. Some of them are quite humorous and enjoyable to read. Honest, I just don't link for the fun of it - they are vetted through a rigorous supreme court like conformation program, just with less media attention.
My recommended top 3 reads of this week! If you have little time to read make sure to at least checkout Dooce, Grumpy Teacher and Mini Proportions. I am sure you will agree Grumpy Teachers story of his first massage and the accidental boner is quite riveting....
Thanks Phantom Professor, I am looking forward to my journal so I may continue my blogging drafts wherever I may be in my daily travels.