The Logical Philosopher

Sunday, February 26, 2006

What I'm goo(gle)d for

I was shocked by my statcounter results this week. And not a good shocked at that: in an almost dark and nefarious type of way, as opposed to my usual pleasure type shock. No Ohh baby for me.

It brings great pains to my literary soul that when you search "calories" + ikea + "cinnamon bun" on Google I come up as the top search. No top results for "great blogs to read" or "up and coming writers" or "what people blog about when they are off work". I suppose that leaves me something to still shoot for but still, I couldn't believe it. The entire world is a playground for my blogging imagination, and I am known in google for my buns. Reflect on that thought for a moment.

I'm not 100% sure what my goal of this blog is but I know it isn't to be googled for my buns....or perhaps that is the real reason you are here today?
Nonetheless I will continue to feverishly write by the flickering light of the evening fire, or fluorescent glow of public transit - whenever the moment moves me. And, mental note for the future: if I am getting moved to write a story at the exact same time as my 1.5 year old is pining for attention, I should not wait a few minutes and continue to write, but rather pay attention right then and there. Why? Because I now know just because you are 1.5 years old, it doesn't mean you don't know how to turn off the computer to get the attention you want. Now that I can't remember it, nor did I save it, I'm trying to convince myself that the story wasn't funny anyhow.

To escape my current google karma I will now start to write like I am trying to extricate myself from some digital nocturnal conventicle....the conventicle of Obscure Google Searches. I can just envision the 'made for TV' movie on this blog - In a Monty Python-esque moment the "Knights who say Ni!" are replaced with the Knights who say "Ikea Buns" to passing readers, and then turn and snicker to each other. Woe is me.

Over the past few months I have settled into two main types of posts:
  1. Anecdotes about my daily wanderings: Interjected with humor (or so I'm told) they cover the fields of public transit encounters, interactions with my three year old and callipygian affairs. Who would have thought riding the bus could produce so much blog material?
  2. Contemplative social based thoughts as I watch life swirl around me. This is where I take my time away from my work to reflect upon what I never noticed because I was too busy working, schooling and parenting. My personal favorite so far is my quasi-mathematical theory of Patience, referred to as the S-Factor. My academia aspirations bubble up to the surface during these posts...

I have a feeling that you readers come for the first kind of posts, but it's the combination of both that inspires me to keep writing. I aspire to write with imagination that, like when reading Thoreau, it envelopes you like a thick fog, bringing you into the moment. A far cry from my Engineering days, as such I find it surprising which posts attract comments (like the I Really Don't Like Eggs) and which ones don't.

In the process I have attracted a small, but somewhat consistent readership spread from Cincinnati to Phoenix and back up to Toronto. Who'd ever thought.

So, as I continue to blog and and bring a weekly digital diversion from your work my readership will (hopefully) grow. And when that happens and you're all still around, you can say you knew me when I was googled for my buns. Oh how far we will have traveled.