The Logical Philosopher

Sunday, March 19, 2006

My turn

It's 3:31 am and I am taking a small break from the stomach flu to blog. It's easier this way as I don't have to wake up to get sick, I'm already up so I have a head-start when I get "that feeling". Yes, those extra few seconds do count.

All this time spent hovering over the toilet in the past few hours has given me some time to really think about life & relationships. Somewhat appropriate if you really think about it.
What does it mean to really love someone? you ask. Well, as of last week it was defined as changing sheets on the kids beds and doing laundry at 2am for a formula spewing 1 year old while trying to block out the 3 year olds cries of "my tummy hurts too!". Sounds like parenting, you say. Yes, but there is more that kicked it up a notch to true love. It really exemplifies love and commitment when you're doing that while carefully working around your spouse who is sleeping on the bathroom floor because it's closer to the toilet.

I thought I missed it but guess what, it looks like it's my turn.. uhnnnnng.

Originally I thought the flu had made her delirious but now I know what she meant when she said "This fuzzy bathroom mat doesn't make a comfortable pillow."