The Logical Philosopher

Monday, March 27, 2006

Sarah's bum smells nice

Last week on the bus a group of very excitable special education young adults got on. Just then I knew I had good material coming up so I readied my black spiral bound blogging book....and as usual I was not disappointed.

"Ohhh, man, smell this!" the tall lanky one exclaimed as he pulled out a wallet and passed it around to the group. They all huddled round him, eager to catch a whiff, like new puppies clamoring for their mother's milk.

"Yeah, it's gooooood," one said as he grabbed it from Lanky and took a huge sniff. "Where did you get it?" He seemed to sink back into the seat as he closed his eyes, like he had just took a toke from the biggest doobie of his life. It was a Cheech & Chong moment...

"It's Sarah's wallet. Derek asked me to take it back to school because she forgot it at the bowling alley," Lanky noted to the group. "AND she keeps it in her pocket by her BUM!" His face broke into a huge grin as he said the word "bum" as they all snickered in unison.

The next thing I know they were all passing their wallets around, each taking turns smelling them, revelling in the moment. The consensus was Sarah's wallet smelled the best, because it had been by a girl's bum whereas the rest of them were by guys bums, and smelled worse. Except for Jerry, who kept his wallet in the front of his pants.

"Woah, hold up" I thought. I stopped writing at that point. I really didn't want to remember the rest, and trust me, neither would you if you had have been there.