The Logical Philosopher

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Panhandler conversation overheard downtown

This one's for you Little G: Americans, please come and enjoy our Canadian downtown culture. You won't be disappointed. Besides, we need your money to distract the panhandelers from us.

The sweet smell of spring washed ashore into the downtown streets this week. Swept in by the warm weather the now ripening, or some say thawing, downtown transient population swarmed with excitement as the tourists and downtown workers ventured out into their claimed territories.

"She wouldn't give me any!" she bemoaned to her group of friends. She was enveloped in black from head to toe, with only glintings of steel spikes emerging from her complexion...out of her cheek. It's always interesting to see where the next choice du jour of steel ornaments is moving with today's fashion trends.

One of her companions replied, "Why'd you ask her? These Canadian are cheap fucks. You need to find American tourists to ask!"

"ohhhh." Her dazed look gave way to a more dazed look.

I guess that means just because you have a steel spike in your cheek it doesn't mean you automatically are intelligent enough to panhandle.