The Logical Philosopher

Monday, March 06, 2006

Big Brother took my kids away.

Out of the blue, with no warning she matter of factly asked me: "Do you want more kids?"

Isn't that the type of question that you usually warm your spouse up to? No Wasn't little Jonny cute today in the bath? No Look at the adorable curls on little Sally.

With not so much as a drop of verbal foreplay, I was totally thrown off guard. Like a tidal wave, hundreds of images invaded my thoughts all at once. My kids first walk, first laugh and first time they said "da", asking for me. Restlessly sleeping on a cold hospital floor in pediatrics ICU for a week, teaching them how to make snow angels in the winter, helping them master all the animal sounds from Baby Einstein. Would I do it again? Grow the family? How could I answer this question so quickly?

My thoughts were shattered instantly as she continued on "Because Big Brothers is coming by tomorrow for household donations and I put out all my maternity clothes."

What? Flooding thoughts give way to the eye of the storm...calm and collected, but unsure what I was really in the middle of.

"And that means...?" I said, now really confused as to where this was going, and where it came from.

" that means no more, because I will have nothing to wear."

"Well," I slowly answered. "I guess that's it for us then."

[Long pause]

"And you better not blog about this!" Good thing she doesn't read it too often... but even if she does and I don't get any because of it, that won't matter because we're not having anymore kids anyways...