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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Do your own frickin' work

I now will take a break from my regular posting to provide this educational lecture on university ethics:

Judging by the huge amounts of recent google searches for SABRE Simulation that have shown up this week on my blog, some MBA program out east is using the Simulation in their classes. All those hits pointed to an older post I wrote about Business Simulations and the future of MBA programs, with several of the searches googled on "Sabre Simulation takeaways".

To those that have come here searching for take-away points for your business course: Dude, do your own frickin' work! Searching the internet for answers to a case study is a sure fire way to piss off your classmates.
I had a friend going to Rotman who was doing his MBA at the same time as me. During one particularly crazy week of group case study take-home finals he was lamenting to me that all one of their group members did was surf the net for "answers" to put into their case. He basically wasted the allotted 8 hours emailing friends and googling for online discussion or commentary about the case....and still came back with nothing useful. He was pissed at him for wasting his time when he could have been helping further their assignment. "No future reference for him!" was the phrase that I recall hearing.

I had a similar situation happen to me during my MBA and sure enough, when time came to form groups later on during classes that really mattered, lazy classmates that needed the internet to do their work for them unexpectedly (for them) found themselves without a group and had to do the work on their own. Boy, was he surprised that we didn't want his "help" in our group. He called it "valuable research" but one prof called it "plagiarism".

To my usual readers, regular posting will commence shortly.

To those still looking for MBA case study takeaways, look here.